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JMS Counseling Department

Jacki McCullough, MA, LPC
Jefferson Middle School Counselor 
734-289-5565 ext. 2305
What does the Counseling Department offer?

Restorative Practices - The ideology of building appropriate peer to peer interactions and relationships. It encourages problem-solving, addresses needs and obligations among the student population, while encouraging all to take responsibility for their actions. 
Support Groups - Six week groups sessions are run during lunch throughout the year to learn or improve on techniques related to regulation of emotions and impulse control. Within the group we encourage sharing emotions/frustrations while maintaining confidentiality, non judgmental, and respect others opinions and beliefs. We discuss many topics (i.e. family adjustments/changes, school pressure, anxiety/stress, etc.) as students find out many share similar experiences and feelings. 
Community Resource and Referrals - School Counselors are utilized as emergency or for crisis occasions throughout the school day with the goal of returning a student back into the classroom for optimal academic achievement. There are students that we "check-in" with periodically, but with over 400 students we don't provide regular weekly/hourly sessions.  Therefore, referrals are sent home to the parent/guardians of community options available as requested or recommended. 
Academic/Career Cruising - Career Development Model - Meet with students each marking period to address the Michigan Career Development Model. 
Scheduling and Academic Guidance - Assist with scheduling or 504 Planning as needed.